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Company History

The origins of FAI Engineers Inc. date to 1945 when the original company was established in Fort Worth, Texas to provide MEP/FP consulting engineering services for new and renovation projects. The company was later incorporated in the State of Texas in 1964. Over the years the corporate name has changed several times to reflect various changes in ownership. The FAI Engineers Inc. corporate name was adopted in May of 2013.

FAI has a proven track record of delivering leading edge technology to our clients. Over the years the challenges have changed significantly, but our goals and core values have remained the same. In the sixties the major challenge was to retrofit commercial buildings with a "new" technology for which they were not originally designed: air conditioning. In the seventies and eighties there was an emphasis on designing systems that were more energy efficient. Today we are challenged to deliver dynamic systems based on ever increasingly complex technologies in order to meet even higher energy efficiency standards and system performance goals.

The only thing that has remained unchanged over our long history of service is our firm commitment to our clients.