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UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Location: Dallas, Texas
Building Sq. Ft.: 534,500
Completion Date: August 2009
Final Construction Cost: $172,000,000
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

This project included a new facility for the Animal Resource Center, a Conference Center, and expansion of a thermal energy plant to serve the new buildings. FAI served as the MEP Engineer and provided designs for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of the new buildings.

JPS Hospital New Patient Tower
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Building Sq. Ft.: 242,000
Completion Date: January 2009
Final Construction Cost: $100,000,000
JPS Hospital New Patient Tower

This project included a new hospital facility constructed across the street from the existing JPS Hospital. The new building consisted of five floors with a total of 242,000 square feet.

The new hospital is a full service facility that serves as the major trauma hospital for the Fort Worth and the Tarrant County areas. The hospital has twelve (12) operating rooms, emergency rooms, exam rooms, three floors of patient rooms, both positive and negative isolation rooms and all required support facilities including administration and waiting room areas. The project also included a new central thermal power plant.

FAI was responsible for design of the systems controls. The original plan was to design a control system for the new building that could be integrated with the existing control system. The existing control system was analyzed to determine its capabilities and to determine whether the integration of the two systems was feasible. This analysis and evaluation proved that the integration of the two control systems was not economically justified. A hybrid design that allows hospital staff to monitor and control each system separately was selected as a viable alternate. The estimated cost of the control systems work was $2.5 million.

The new central plant was built as part of a separate parking garage and occupies part of the lower level. The power plant has two (2) 13,125,000 BTUH boilers, two (2) 600 ton chillers, one (1) cooling tower, pumps, fans, air handling units and associated electrical, controls, etc. The new power plant is connected to the new hospital by way of a utility tunnel. The tunnel contains all the hospital utility lines supplying chilled and heating water, medical air piping, medical vacuum and air piping, and electrical circuits.

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