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D/FW International Airport Terminal A, B, C & E Renovation
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Building Sq. Ft.: 4,000,000
Completion Date: Ongoing
Approximate Cost: $1.5 billion
DFW International Airport Terminal A, B, C, E

FAI’s largest experience with projects that involve sustainability and commissioning is the DFW Airport Terminal A, B, C & E Renovation project that is currently ongoing. This project involves the upgrade and renovation of all four (4) of the old original terminals. The approximate renovated square footage is 4 million sq. ft. at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion.

FAI was the master MEP engineer for the schematic design that included the master MEP Guidelines for the Terminal Renewal and Improvement Plan (TRIP) Program. These MEP System Guidelines included sustainability. DFW Airport in 2010 issued new Green Building Standards which provided project teams with sustainable design guidelines. The guidelines were incorporated into the MEP System Guidelines for infrastructure, interior renovation, major renovation, and new facilities that were being planned as part of this project. The LEED 2009 credits were used as the basis for the Green Building Standard and credits were established for each for the categories listed above. The intent was to achieve LEED Silver certification for all new facilities.

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