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Texas General Hospital Renovation
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Building Sq. Ft.: 185,000
Completion Date: November 2011
Final Construction Cost: $
Texas General Hospital

This project is a unique renovation project that involves the complete renovation of an abandoned 185,000 square foot hospital located in Grand Prairie, Texas. The existing hospital was closed for approximately 10 years. During that period the building sat empty with no conditioning of any kind.

FAI began work on the renovation project in January 2007 with the original hospital re-developer. The hospital at this time was called Renaissance Hospital and was being re-developed by The Renaissance Healthcare Systems Group.

The project included the renovation of the existing central utilities plant, dietary kitchen, main hospital administration area, emergency department, operating rooms, the north three (3) story women’s tower, the south six (6) story general patient tower, radiology imaging department, nursery area, and the shipping, receiving, and maintenance areas.

The existing hospital was gutted and new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems were designed. The construction began and continued until January 2008. At this time the original re-developer went bankrupt and the building again sat as the contractor had left it until July 2010. At this time a new re-developer purchased the property and FAI was re-engaged to help complete the renovation. Substantial completion was November 2011. The hospital is now Texas General Hospital operated by Healthsites LLC and opened for business on January 2, 2012.

Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest: Bed Tower Addition
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Building Sq. Ft.: 120,000
Completion Date: 2008
Final Construction Cost: $67,000,000
Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest: Bed Tower Addition

This project was a renovation to the existing hospital and new 120,000 sq. ft. patient tower constructed next to the existing hospital patient tower. The new bed tower construction costs were $67 million and included the renovation. The first floor was doctors’ offices and floors 2 through 5 were patient room floors.

The project included mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, and fire protection. The fire protection for this project included fire line service, backflow preventers, fire pump, fire risers, main and branch fire sprinkler piping, fire sprinkler head layout, controls, etc.

The existing hospital was occupied and remained in operation throughout the duration of the construction. The approach for construction of this project was to do multiple phases. The main phases were:

A new dietary kitchen and cafeteria was constructed.

A renovation to the Imaging Department was done.

A new outpatient area was created.

The Emergency Department was expanded.

The ICU area was renovated.

The Pharmacy Department was relocated.

A new five (5) story patient tower addition was constructed.

The existing five (5) story patient tower was renovated.

Due to the extent of renovation, each phase of the work listed was started and completed prior to the start of renovation of another work phase with the exception of the new patient tower which was under construction at the same time as some renovations. All outages and changes in operating conditions had to be closely coordinated with the hospital staff and required very close communications.

Design started in 2004 and construction completion was in 2008. The contract delivery approach was Construction Manger At Risk.

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