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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Design

Friberg Associates Inc. provided the design for some of the earliest commercial air conditioning systems to be installed in the Fort Worth Area. Over the years we have designed many different types of air conditioning and ventilation systems in order to take advantage of the latest technology in meeting our client’s requirements.

Air conditioning systems are categorized according to the means by which the air is conditioned, including:

  • Chilled Water Systems
  • DX refrigerants systems
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Evaporative Cooling Systems

These systems can be further sub-divided based on equipment arrangement, including:

  • Single Zone System
  • Multizone System
  • Dual Duct Systems
  • Variable Air Volume Systems
  • Induction Systems

Our primary HVAC design goal is to continuously maintain desired environmental conditions in the space to be conditioned. The challenge of our engineers is to determine the optimum system type, detailed design, size, etc. required to accomplish this goal. Additionally we consider details such as sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental issues, and constructability as part of our overall design process to help ensure the optimum solution for our clients.