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Building Automation Systems Design

FAI has extensive knowledge in the design and implementation of building automation systems. This experience has been gained as projects were completed over the past sixty years. These designs have included both analog and digital control devices, utilizing pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, and electronic signaling. Also we have in-depth experience with a number of communication protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, and LonWorks. The utilization of an open protocol is recommended in order to avoid the disadvantages of a sole source equipment vendor scenario.

As we design building control systems we strive to 1) provide safe equipment operation, 2) maintain safe contaminant levels in the building, 3) promote energy efficiency, and 4) provide the maximum possible comfort to the building’s occupants. Consideration is also given to the maintainability and sustainability as part of the equipment selection process.

Control design can be completed as a standalone building system improvement project or as part of the overall design of an MEP project.