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Power Distribution – 600V and Below

We provide detailed power distribution designs for systems with nominal voltages of 600V and below. The following tasks are included as a part of each project as required:

  • A detailed field survey is completed to verify existing conditions for renovation projects;
  • Service type (OHD or UG) and sizing is determined;
  • System nominal voltage and number of phases is determined based on building requirements and available utility voltages;
  • Grounding requirements are determined;
  • The service entrance switchgear and all panelboards are specified and scheduled as required to satisfy load requirements;
  • Feeder circuits connecting panels and branch circuits connecting loads are sized to ensure that minimum voltage drops as recommended by the NEC are satisfied;
  • Construction documents include physical layout of switchgear in electric rooms;
  • All electrical components including switchgear, dry-type transformers for voltage transformation, conductors, conduit, circuit protective devices, and utilization devices are fully sized and specified;
  • Short-circuit and protective device studies are included as required;
  • Certain projects may include the design and specification of special equipment such as stand-by generators, manual/automatic transfer switches, and ground fault protection.

Each design satisfies all local codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC).