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Lighting Systems

FAI has extensive experience in designing many types of specialty lighting systems including:

  • Building interior lighting;
  • Building exterior site lighting;
  • Bank ATM lighting per state banking standards;
  • Trail lighting, and
  • Sports lighting, including baseball fields, football stadiums, gyms, soccer fields and tennis centers.

We can develop detailed computer generated photometric studies to verify that light levels meet minimum acceptable standards for each application. We also ensure that each design meets the energy requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) where applicable. Lighting control design from systems such as occupancy sensors to sophisticated state-of-the-art automated systems can compliment each lighting project.

Our goal is to provide lighting systems that are efficient both from a photometric standpoint and from an energy usage standpoint, while meeting or exceeding the esthetic and cost expectations of the project’s Architect and the Owner.

FAI participates as a partner with the Owner throughout the entire project life-cycle to help ensure the quality of the lighting system.