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Plumbing Systems Design

FAI provides plumbing design customized to meet the specific requirements of each project. The following tasks are completed as part of each project as required:

  • A detailed field survey is completed to verify existing conditions and utilities for projects involving renovation work or additions to existing facilities;
  • All equipment including but not limited to water heaters, air compressors, vacuum pumps, plumbing fixtures, etc. is specified, located, and sized;
  • The most cost effective and efficient layout and routing of all systems including domestic cold/hot water, sanitary sewer, storm drain, med gases, etc. are determined;
  • Some projects may also include design of special equipment including water booster pumps, sump pumps, and sewer ejector pumps; and
  • Each design includes all required engineering drawings and full specifications.

Each design satisfies all requirements of the International Building Code, and all applicable local codes.